Team Lead- Network Operations Center (NOC)

Designation: Senior Manager

Location: Raipur

Position: Full Time

Total Openings: 1

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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Lead Engineer In our Network Operations team (NOC) who would be responsible for the overall performance and maintenance of NOCs. They'll be responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting computer network systems and provide engineering support for issues connected with the network infrastructure.


The range of responsibilities would involve:

  • Manage IT operations and network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls, and access points
  • Operate, monitor and troubleshoot computer network systems
  • Provide engineering support for issues connected with the network infrastructure
  • Configuration, implementation, and support of all network components
  • Ensure the proper functioning of IT equipment (troubleshooting and diagnostic support)
  • Manage and administer applications throughout the life cycle
  • Monitoring of line systems and digital facilities
  • Manage the technology providers that implement the solutions
  • Back-up management, completion, verification and restoration
  • Perform access management
  • Manage the availability and capacity of the platform
  • Receive faults, analyze them and consequently classify them according to operational and customer relevance
  • Management of requests, problems, incidents and data environments
  • Write and maintain technical documentation for the network environment



Skills and experience required:

  • Proficient knowledge of network architecture, design and configuration
  • Experience with network monitoring tools
  • Expert troubleshooter
  • Knowledge of incident models and diagnostic tools
  • Broad experience in the areas of Cisco IOS, network management and monitoring
  • Automation experience
  • Understanding of Cloud Computing
  • Knowledge of virtualization, spin-up and maintenance
  • Data center management & Database administration
  • Solid understanding of networking concepts such as DNS, DHCP, NTP, TCP/IP, FTP, Firewalls
  • Scripting experience would be a plus
  • Experience managing and supporting network infrastructures
  • Knowledge of Sysadmin and Linux
  • Knowledge of network topology, cabling and classification
  • Ability to support and work out any hardware and software issues
  • Basic knowledge of IT security and Windows server technologies
  • Ability to work in a high-pressure environment

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