This festive season, let’s take a pledge ✋
& help our community to get through the Covid-19 pandemic.

#StayAware #StayCautious #StaySafe

With the onset of the festival season, The government of India said:
“This is not the time to be careless as the coronavirus is still around and even a small act of negligence can dampen the festive spirit”.
Also, the government is making all efforts to break the chain of coronavirus and in order to break the chain, we must not show any laxity till medicine is found.

To break the chain and to protect our loved ones each individual needs to take the
“Danger of Coronavirus” seriously and thus
we request everyone to take a pledge in this festive season that
“We will celebrate the festivals within the covid guidelines and will ensure the protection of every individual through the Covid-19 pandemic”.

We must and we will maintain physical distance, wear a mask, avoid crowds, clean our hands, and cough into a bent elbow or tissue.

“Do Gaj ki Doori, Mask hai Zaroori”

i ✋ Pledge